PSK Consulting, Inc.

Professional Consulting


Consulting in all areas specializing in fiberglass and composite materials in tanks, tankers, chemical plants and the steel industry..


Paul S. Klingensmith has been in the steel and fiberglass industries for the past 45 years and has numerous patents in these areas. He has expertise in composite materials, fiberglass, concretes, steel and other materials. He has also designed, built and constructed fiberglass structures, tanks and vessels and is familiar with any job, large or small.

Paul has many connections and networking within the engineering and chemical industry. He can advise engineers, attorneys, large and small business. Have also worked closely with the chemical industry, steel companies, utility companies, providing service throughout the United States and Worldwide.


BS, Civil Engineering (structural engineering) - University of Virginia
Graduate Studies - Carnegie Mellon University & Virginia Polytechnical Institute
MBA, University of Pittsburgh

Personal Sketch

  • Founder and President of PSK Consulting, Inc..
  • Founder and CEO - Pool Technologies, Inc.
  • Founder of PTI Tank & Tanker Repair.
  • Degrees in Structural & Civil Engineering, MBA in business
  • 45+ years of experience in design, project and general management in the fabrication and construction industries; fiberglass, composite and steel materials.
  • Member ASME, NACE and active with ASME RTP-1 Code Committee.
  • Lecturer of Fiberglass Technology & Service
  • Recipient of Dept. of PA. Employer of the Year.
  • Recipient of American Legion Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Recipient of Pa. Employer Award.
  • Recipient of Pa. Job Creator Award for Economic Development.
  • Recipient of the Joseph F. Caesarino Memorial Award given by the Private Industry Council.
Theme Park - Fiberglass Slides, Industrial Fiberglass Tanks - Commercial Pools,  Mechanical and Structural Systems